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Stoner doom Acid and the deadbeats?

finding guitar phrases

Sometimes the most random finds are the best. I generally research an album before I buy it but I saw a project for sale called “The Night Creeper” and bought it solely on the artwork. It arrived and the year 2016 was owned by “Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats “ around my house.

Uncle Acid – Waiting for Blood (OFFICIAL)

They are an English rock band, formed in Cambridge, England, by Kevin Starrs. The band has released five albums, the most recent, Wasteland (2018).

The band I was happy to learn was described exactly by Mr. Starrs as I had in my mind upon first listen. “Black Sabbath meets the Beatles.” Melodic with Harmony vocals and twin guitar parts over some of the best Doom Laden Riffs ever. 


The 2010s “Volume 1” set the fire and 2011’s “Bloodlust” broke the band to the larger masses. 

2013 “Mind Control” and  Then “The Night Creeper”  just kept the momentum rolling. 

Uncle Acid Desert Daze 2018 Full Set

AllMusic summed them up best as “a mixture of psychedelic rock’s harrowing comedown, garage and punk rock’s nihilistic ascent, and the earliest manifestations of heavy metal’s occult-laced, nerve-damaging bludgeon.”

Acid & the deadbeats – Mt. Abraxas (TV Version)

Their interest and love of Classic Horror films and the cult of the culture surrounding them keep a wonderful tongue-in-cheek approach. They often sound like the Classic Hammer films look. That coupled with their dark humor of releasing a single under the name of “The Sharon Tate Experience” wins my vote .( If you don’t have a sense of humor, you will hurt yourself by getting mad at me.) 

I was already a fan and then they were asked to cover Iron Maiden’s classic “Remember Tomorrow” for a KERRANG album project “Maiden Heaven” Vol.2 

Remember Tomorrow Covered By UA

The Band is about to Hit the road again should Covid not Sabotage the Uncle acid project for 2022 Dates

If you don’t know of them, I highly recommend picking up one if not all of their albums. They have the proverbial “it” that makes them not only talented and entertaining but unique. 

Call it “Stoner” “Doom” or just god old Heavy Rock. They have placed an indelible stamp on Guitar based music and I eagerly await the next sonic offerings from the band.

Top Albums of Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats

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