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Stercore “Letters from The Death Head”

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We will be featuring some of the bands of Gothoom Productions who have put us in touch with some great new metal in 2022. These will be in the featured section on Our First project is the band “Stercore” who describe their work as “Modern Deathcore”. 

Gothoom Productions dates back to 2008. Gothoom Productions’ priority was to provide comprehensive services for bands from the initial recordings to the release itself, combined with promotion and distribution to a target audience of metal music fans. 19 bands from Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Stercore – Failure (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

The band Stercore was formed in 2012. In a short time, they managed to draw attention to themselves, either in Slovakia or in the Czech Republic. After releasing a demo album called “Raven Nest” in 2012, the band released their first full-length album in 2013 called” Fake World” under the title Rest of Noise Productions.

 After minor personnel changes, the band released an album called” Eternal Sinlight”. in 2017, which was released by the Slovak metal army. After the release of the album, the band teamed up with producer István Simon from No Silence Studios, who helped create the new album.

Before the release of the album itself, two singles Brother and Delirium were released, for which the band recorded video clips. The album was named Indifference and was released in 2019 by Gothoom productions.

During the creation of this album, there were significant personnel changes in the band. The band added one more to two music videos, a song called Parallax. The band managed to get a significant guest for the song Desperate, while CJ McMahon from the band Thy Art is Murder.

The album was promoted in Slovakia and in the neighboring Czech Republic, where it received a lot of attention, it was also rated 10/10, which helped the band significantly.

 In 2019, the band participated in the Impericon competition, where it managed to take 5th place worldwide. Also in 2019, the song Delirium was included in the video of Jared Dines, in which he devoted himself to 10 extreme underground metal bands from which the band benefited.

After a short break caused by the Covid – 19 pandemic, the band did a cover for the song Breathe by the world-famous band Prodigy, for which they also prepared a video clip. During the pandemic, there was a huge space to compose new songs, which brought a new album called The Death Head, which will be released on January 14, 2022, under the label Gohtoom productions.

The album was recorded by producer István Simon at No Silence Studios in Hungary and mastered by Divergent Studios in Italy. Prior to the release of this album. The band released 3 singles called R.I.P, Failure, for which they recorded a music video, and Mankind, for which a lyrics video was created.

Members of Stercore

Matúš Píš – vocals,

Michal Maslák – guitar,

Norbert Tadial – guitar,

Marián Líčko – bass,

Vladimír Stolár – drums, vocals

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Stercore – Mankind (Official Lyric Video)

Stercore – DESPERATE (feat. CJ McMahon)

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Jimmy Flemming

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