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Jimmy Fleming first picked up a guitar at the age of 3. Raised in a musical environment which included being on the road. In the 1970s and 1980s with his parents worked with Bluegrass Legends. There was no such thing as life without music. Bluegrass was gradually eclipsed by The Rock and Blues of The Stones, Rush, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and a wealth of others, as well as the Film Woodstock.

All the possibilities were now open. At 16 he got a driver’s license and began playing HonkyTonk Bars learning trial by fire the diversity of music required to make sure a crowd of all tastes was properly entertained. 15 years of the Proverbial Human JukeBox on the roads was the Education. The second 15 years were applied in learning to write his own music. Where he had become an Indie record producer and Label owner.10 albums later the story continues.

33 years after first setting foot on the professional stage. Constant Rebirth and Reform has seen Jimmy go from the bars and clubs to offers of recording contracts in Los Angeles, Featured nights in Nashville, Live radio interviews with Woodstock Creator Artie Kornfeld and Angie Bowie, and due to Dystonia advocacy in-person conversations with Legends like Alice Cooper.

Jimmy has opened for Grammy award-winning acts such as The Kentucky Headhunters, The Late Jani Lane of Warrant, and Country star Martina Mcbride. 1990 brought him to tread the boards on Columbus, Ohio’s World famous Newport Music Hall. Where he played as a guest of Guitar Master Frank Harrison on the first annual Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial.

Jimi Fleming rock guitaris ohiot

Due to a unique tuning, Jimmy can create a sound alone with no loop pedals. It can sometimes sound like 2 guitar players at once and when applied to for instance with a drummer as with Roger Downs during the album Uncle Mont’s Quandry “Sorrow in Full Strut” has brought attention from Rock journalists as far from Ohio as the U.K and Australia. 

Dystonia Advocate Jimmy Fleming

Jimmy is not only an advocate for the aforementioned Neuro Disorder “Dystonia” he suffers from it personally and has been sidelined a few times due to its Destructive nature of firing of the Brain and Loss of Motor skills. Yet he continues to get back in the ring and fight for his music. A Documentary of this Battle “Witness the Rising ” is slated for release in the near future.2018 brought a cowrite and production with Miss Maya Calvert Grandaughter of Hawkwind Legend and solo artist Robert Calvert.

Miss Maya Calvert with Jimmy Fleming

The beat goes on and the future awaits the new Promise.

Stay Tuned.

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