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Nick Drake Revisited

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It’s time to revisit one of our favorite guitarists and songwriters… Nick Drake as the music of Nick drake has been always present here like a rock and roll ghost.

I was fortunate to have a good friend who roughly 20 years ago sat me down and played his entire catalog of work. It became a touchstone for me as a music listener, removed from my personal musical creations. Drake’s music is a meditation, a soothing minder in times of trouble. It is a truly beneficial therapy when you find yourself in the state where as he penned in “Cello Song” the “armies of emotion come out to fight.”

We have previously detailed the “Pink Moon” Album ,in it’s stark simple form of a man and a guitar with that voice indescribable. I wanted to introduce the uninitiated to the excellent “Way to Blue” collection. It’s function as “an introduction” to his music is Masterfully pulled together and I personally have made a habit of gifting other friends the cd. Not everyone is afforded the time to sit for an entire evening and listen to every song he released in one sitting. “Way to Blue” is, in my opinion almost perfection.

Nick Drake – Cello Song

It’s 15 chosen tracks truly show his ability to frame his work in many different ways, be it alone or with orchestration. No matter the context, the staggering guitar style is rarely absent. Drake will always be one of the greatest acoustic guitarists in the shadow of no other. 

Nick Drake – From The Morning(Sometimes Called in the Morning)

As a composer he can keep company with anyone. The times of his personal demons are evident and also fearlessly shared with the listener.I feel that when you hear his work, you are essentially reading a private diary. He hints in so many ways and instances he knew he would die young. He clearly predicted his music would have to be passed over decades to gain it’s due credit.

Nick Drake – Fruit Tree

For some the first time they heard Nick was oddly through a Volkswagen commercial. 

Alan Pafenbach said of it “ This is the Volkswagen commercial I’m most proud of. We shot in the Bodega Bay area of Northern California and our directors were the amazing Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. (years before their “Little Miss Sunshine” fame.) The soundtrack was by Nick Drake. It was recently named one of the 10 best car commercials in the past 25 years by the OneClub.”

Volkswagen Using the Nick Drake Song “Pink Moon”

Every passing year new life is breathed into his music by someone . He may or may not have known the full measure of influence he would have, yet he knew it would eventually hit the mark in some fashion. I think his influence will have no end as long as there are ears to hear and musicians to interpret this Mystic artist. There will be no limitations until the end of time. I encourage you to seek out “Way to Blue” and keep it close. It is Treasure and a vehicle to know something new in each listening session. It’s depth is timeless , it’s creator a gift to mankind. Nick Drake defines Mystery and is a prime example of hiding in plain sight. He gave us a glimpse in his lifetime and a shining star in the afterlife

The Songs of Nick Drake – Way to Blue 2010 (BBC Four)

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