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Mickey Newbury just dropped in

Nicky Nubury

Mickey Newbury didn’t really just drop in of course but today we are showcasing some of the great works of the country songwriting guitar legend who had a long musical career from his first studio album in 1968 right up to 2002 when Newbury released his final album. Since we mentioned the Song Just Dropped in we included the track for you to listen to in the first featured Video.

Mickey Newbury Just Dropped in

Although Mickey was more famous as a songwriter than a performer the great country guitarist as he had written for singers like Kenny Rogers’s first hit and arranged ‘An American Trilogy” for Elvis. Micky also wrote the tune played in a prison cell and performed by David Allen Coe “ 33rd of August along with many other great songs by the poetic songwriter/guitarist. He also wrote songs for lesser-known acts like the former rockabilly guitarist turned country guitarist Bob Luman who ditched the music industry and went on to become a major league baseball player. Newbury wrote his song “Five Miles Away from Home (Soon I’ll See Mary)”

Where was Mickey Newbury from?

Mickey was from Houston Texas but that didn’t stop him from writing songs about San Francisco and Alabama in the songs “San Francisco Mabel Joy” and “Gone to Alabama“.This was because after he left the Air-force which he joined when he was 19 he had been earning his way as a travelling musician and drifting into the American capital of country music Nashville and he ended up getting singed by the Acuff-Rose Music label the rest is history.

Mickey Newbury: San Francisco Mabel Joy

After all these Years Mickey Newbury?

What band was Mickey Newbury in?

When Newbury was off to a great start musically when he sang as a teenager with his band “The Embers” who got the privilege of opening for the likes of Sam Cooke and Jonny Cash. The members were Don Angelo (Lead), Mickey Newbury (Tenor), Chuck Augustus Gengler (Bass), and James Walker (Baritone / Guitar).

Watch out Girl The Embers

Micky Newbury Live Solo Performance

Is Mickey Newberry still alive?

Sadly Mickey Newbury died of emphysema which is a type of COPD on September 29th, 2002 that year he also released his last studio concept album “A long way home” where he left us with “one more song of hearts and flowers” which you can listen to below. Mickey Newbury said the future’s not what it used to be but the future will still have fans of “The Little White Wolf” from Texas Mickey Newbury Rip on his death tributes came in from all over the scene but particularity this quote grabbed attention from Country Legend Kris Kristopherson.

 “When he got it just right, simple lyrics and simple melodies worked in a way to break your heart.”

Kris Kristopherson

One More Song of Hearts and Flowers Mickey Newbury

People playing In The Guitar Style of Mickey Newbury

I found this video of a Micky Newbury-style song by Jimmy Fleming Music who previously authored over 100 guitar articles here on guitardoor. I think it’s quite Mickey Newburyish have a listen to the tune and we hope you have enjoyed this brief guide to “Gods Lonely Man” Mickey ~Newbury Singer, Songwriter and Guitar Great

Would you like to say something that was not included to help the reader discover more of the Music of Mickey Newbury?.Maybe you have covered one of his great guitar songs and would like to showcase it in a Guitardoor interview along with your own story around the music of Mickey Newbury.

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