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Taby Tabfritz Bass Player Interview

Taby Tabfritz Bass Player

Taby Tabfritz I came to find the playing of Taby in an “outsider” music forum. Where anything goes and all things reign.

Chris Dempsey and I had been discussing that we were open to talking with not only Guitarists but Bass Players and people in other areas of music also. This is so we can build a network of musical artists here on Guitardoor so visitors can discover and engage with another musical talent. I may have found just that! Mr. Tabfritz is equally adept at both.

His Bass playing struck me as The work of a wise player. He wasn’t into the “Look at me” he was more “Listen to the Instrument.” He lets the playing breathe, playing the melody and then finding the right timing for the next note.

Much Like Miles Davis, he waits for the right moment to speak the note. The occasional Jaco harmonic is followed by his own Improvisation. The Man clearly is a student of musicianship and Music History.

We are pleased to share the music and thoughts of Leipzig, Germany’s Taby Tabfritz. Starting out with something a bit upbeat….

Taby – What Went Wrong

What brought you to music and What was your first Instrument?

I was always attracted to Rock sounds on the radio but then when I was 15 a cousin of mine put on the first Zeppelin album and it blew my mind It was so powerful! Then one day he happened to have a Bass and he taught me right there on-the-spot electric funeral from Black Sabbath. I played it and I was hooked!

So Taby Tabfritz Tell us a bit about your Background in life?

I was born in Greece. I lived in a small town called Loutraki. There were not many things to do there so music was a great way to pass time and enjoy ourselves. I was always forming little projects with friends.

Who do you Recall being your early influences?

Of course, like many, I started with hard rock and metal but then going deeper I discovered bands like Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Mogwai, Miles Davis…so many genres.I consider my ears “spoiled”! Ha Ha Ha!.

Taby – Distance

What sort of things do you have in mind for the Future?

I try to be able to play many different genres but I think that basically I am a rock/hard rock bass player and that’s currently the band I want to form, Sprinkled with Prog and Post Rock elements!

Taby – The Calm And The Storm

Who do you find you draw Inspiration from?

My first bass player love was Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath. Man!… The way he digs in is Amazing.

Later came Flea, Geddy Lee, John Paul Jones, and of course, Jaco Pastorious still is Incredible. He’s the goat! Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten…There are so many players I admire what stands out in your mind about music and life experiences Related to it? I always remember fondly all the nice moments we shared at concerts with bandmates and audiences (some better than others Ha Hai) but it’s always a special, spiritual moment.

It seems like time stops for a while and that’s all there is. The music and the Unity that you wish could last forever.

Any Ultimate Goals?

For the future, I want to form a band and finally start playing my own original music which I have never done before. After 40 years I finally Have the confidence to do it!

Do You have any advice for an aspiring player starting out now?

To anyone that wants to pick up an instrument, I say do it! It will expand your mind and educate you in ways you’d never expect!

You can only gain from learning Music! Surely there will be frustrations along the way but it’s only an exercise in overcoming! Music has helped me when no one could. I’m very grateful I discovered it and it keeps me going, keeps me sane! Like Frank Zappa said Music is the Best!!

Check out more Videos from Taby on his Youtube Channel

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