OM “ Weedians Dream”

OM as well as the band “High on Fire” came to be after a Period of the Disbandment of “SLEEP”. In 1995 SLEEP had been around and around with their […]

Best Blues Guitar Albums

Making a list of the best blues guitar albums ever is not easy but these are the best 5 blues guitar albums to have in your collection. So you have […]

The Cult “Electric Love”

The Cult electric love is a study in constant evolution, reinvention, and self-destruction. Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy founded the band in 1983 initially going out under the name “Death […]

5 Essential Punk Bands to know

Before Reading 5 Essential Punk Bands to know Read the Disclaimer DISCLAIMER.. If you are offended by Language, Political Truths that are uncomfortable, or the Truth period not glossed over… this […]